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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Went over 2900 images. Loaded some smaller images left from roundmetal. Including alot of liberty head silver dollar pictures also known as morgan dollars. 1880 CC Morgan Dollar, 1885 S Morgan Dollar, 1888 S Morgan Dollar, and 1879 O Morgan Dollar.
Three nice gold coins: 1903 $10 Gold Eagle, 1911 $10 Indian Head Gold Eagle and 1927 Indian Head Quarter Eagle
A couple of Tokens: 1837 H. Crossman, NY Hard Times Token and 1860 Loder and Co., NY Token

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Tested the site with the new Mozilla FireFox 1.0 Web Browser. All the pages on work with the new browser, I saw just a couple of differences in color on some items. You might want to take a look at this capable browser.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

This post is a little different than the others. On October 31st, I ran and finished the Marine Corps Marathon, held in Virginia and DC. My finish time of 05:47:10 was a little disappointing. But considering I was running with a stress fracture on my right heel and a cold which I got a few days earlier, I should be grateful I finished at all.

The following text contains links to pictures from the marathon. Each picture is about 1 meg in size.

When I arrived at Route 110, it was already about 650 out. After I checked in my bag and strapped on my fuel belt I headed to the front of the starting line to see the elite runners and the wheelchairers. I strolled back to the second to last corral. Helicopters were patrolling the skys and there were marines everywhere. For some reason I didn't think the race would start on time, but it did and I was caught off-guard. I got unto the road as runners bunched up to start the race. We moved and stopped, moved and stopped until we came into the tunnel just before the starting line. Everyone was yelling and chanting, it was very exciting. I took one more shot right before the starting line. I was off!

The 1st couple of miles go by quick, even up that stupid hill on Lee Highway. Before I knew it I was about to cross the bridge into DC, so up on the ramp to Key Bridge I turn around and click a shot off. On the Key Bridge I see the executive director for NACoA, the charity I'm running for and ask her to take my picture. I'm still feeling good.

After about the 9th mile, my thighs and calves begin to seriously cramp. I start to doubt if I'm going to finish. I slow my pace further in an attempt to better my chances at finishing the race. I'm not getting on that damn slacker bus, gotta to get accross the bridge of shame before 1:45pm. I don't take any pictures until I get past the mall. Once I calculate that I gonna make the bridge by about an hour, I relax and take this shot of some Marine "volunteers". "Thanks Marines" I shout and move on.

Back in Virginia, I walk a fast past and run a little. I pass scores of runners dogging it in the heat. Between mile 23 and 25 two runners go down hard, EMTs rush up to help.
The sun is beating down on our backs. I look at my time and try to make it by 5:30, but run out of gas.

I cross the finish line get my medal from a Marine Lt. and sit down. I'm feeling pretty bad. I'm hungry but feel like puking, my legs tighten up bad, wonder if I'll be able to get up again. After a few minutes I get up and go the stands lining the chute to the finishing line. I cheer other runners by name, "Phyllis, go get that medal!" it seems to help.
Sis and Gene from NACoA are in the stands and take another picture after I recover a bit. One more shot of the marines taking down the finish line, and I go back home. Souvenirs from Marathon Day
Here's a closeup of the 29th Marine Corps Marathon Finisher Medal


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